Technology Then and Now

Technology: Then and Now

Posted by Brittany DiMarco on Dec 14, 2016 6:50:00 AM
Brittany DiMarco

Did you know that paper was invented in the year 105 CE by Chinese official, Ts'ai Lun? For many years everyone used pen and paper to communicate and send messages to each other. Now, you can send emails instead of letters and take electronic notes on several different technological devices, such as the tablet and smartphone, which have replaced the use of paper. From landlines to cellphones, technology is changing in the blink of an eye. We’re thankful for the development of technology which has given us life-changing advancements from saving lives to making it easier to contact our friends. So hang on tight while we go back in time and show you how technology has changed!

1. The Computer


Although the first computer is dated back to the 1930’s, we’ll go back to the 80’s when IBM introduced its Personal Computer, the PC. The first IBM PC, known as the IBM Model 5150, was based on a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 microprocessor and used Microsoft´s MS-DOS operating system. Not only did it start the growth of the personal computer market, it also revolutionized business computing.

Old Computer vs New Computer


Just this month Apple released the new MacBook Pro featuring up to 3.8GHz of Turbo Boost processing with 10 hours of battery life.

2. The Mobile Phone


Do you remember when you had to use a pager to know when people were trying to get in touch with you? And then you had to find a landline to actually talk with them? It during the 70’s that Martin Cooper created the first mobile phone. The device weighed 2.5 lbs with 30 minutes of talk time and took about 10 hours to charge. If you were a 90’s kid then you remember Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell and this mobile phone:


Cell Phones Then and Now


With new smartphones coming out every year, it’s hard to pick the best! CNN Money compared the iPhone and the Andriod resulting in the favor of the Android with 8/15 wins for utility. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has 36 hours of talk time and weighs in at 5.54 ounces! Not only can you talk on this device, but you can search the internet and play games. It's a computer in your pocket!

3. The Tablet


Not too long ago, in the 80’s, people used planners, which were essentially notebooks, to store their contacts, take notes, plan events and store other important information. If they wanted a digital copy of the information they would have to type it all into a computer.

Notebook vs iPad


Not only are tablets replacing paper, they’re replacing the once renowned computer! You can read books, take notes, store contacts, surf the internet and so much more in one handy device the same size of a composition notebook. The new iPad Pro weighs roughly 4 ounces more than a composition notebook at 15.68 ounces.

4. The World Wide Web


Believe it or not, the World Wide Web was only invented in 1989. The World Wide Web is a global information platform on which users can read and write via computers that are connected to the internet.

Internet Then and Now


With nearly a billion websites in the world, the Internet is the place where more than 70% of users look to first for answers. So long encyclopedia! Google is the most used search engine platform valued at $270 billion dollars.

5. The Camera


It wasn't until the 1800’s when practical cameras were developed. The first camera was called the Kodak and took 100-exposure rolls of film. It was 3 3/4 in x 3 1/4 in x 6 1/2 in dimensionand cost consumers $25. You would need to send the camera back to the Kodak factory for your photos to be developed and printed.

Cameras Then and Now


Today, photo taking possibilities are endless. We have standalone cameras, and tablets and smartphones that take photos. Photos can still be printed but they can also be emailed to others or stored in the Cloud, allowing you to access the files virtually anywhere. PC Mag named the Nikon D500, costing almost $2000, as one of the best digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras this year. With Wi-Fi capabilities, you can shoot and share photos instantly. Depending on the media card, you can take thousands of photos. In addition, you can also shoot video.

Kodak Camera Ad


Without even discussing video players, movie releases, games, and music, you can see how dramatically technology has changed in as little as 30 years. Yes, you can go online now from your phone, tablet or computer to research other technology trends but you can also call a parent or grandparent and ask them how they managed nominal tasks when they were your age. Even take a look at the technology back when you were younger. What trends do you see today that were different from the ones you grew up with? Is there a current technology trend that you see changing in the next 10 years? Comment below and let us know!

If you want to be a part of the technological growth, consider getting a degree in the tech field. From web design to application development, you could be creating the next tech trend! 


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