How Teachers Benefit from a Master's Degree in Technology

How Teachers Benefit From a Master's Degree in Technology

Posted by Brittany DiMarco on Oct 21, 2018 1:00:00 PM
Brittany DiMarco

We all know that great teachers love teaching! But having decent compensation doesn't hurt either. Did you know that New York City public school teachers may receive more compensation for additional experience and education, and for taking on new responsibilities? Yes, that’s right, YOU will earn your first salary differential just by having a master’s degree. Getting this additional degree is also crucial to earning your required Professional Certification. There is also an opportunity to earn a second salary differential by taking additional graduate level courses. So read on to learn why a masters degree in technology is the right move for you!

The Beginning

The first step in your teaching career is obtaining your Initial Certification, an entry-level teaching certificate for anyone who has completed a qualified New York State teachers' preparation program. From there you’ll have five years to obtain your Professional Certification or else you’ll face termination. Professional Certification is an advanced certificate awarded to teachers who earn an approved master’s degree. It's important to note that your Professional Certification does not need to be in the same subject area as your Initial Certification. Yes that’s correct, you can change your subject area! Here are the top three reasons a master’s degree can change your teaching career:

  1. For starters, you’ll get to keep you job! As mentioned above, your Initial Certification is only valid for five years. During that time, you will be expected to acquire your Professional Certification.
  2. You can change careers (subject area) within the education field. So if you no longer want to teach math, for example, you can work towards another area of interest, such as technology.
  3. You’ll earn more money! This is called a Salary Differential which is available to teachers based on their academic achievement beyond their bachelor's degree. You’ll earn more money per year for the entirety of your career, including your pension!
More so, a master’s degree is the gift that keeps on giving. Even after you fulfill your Professional Certification requirement, The Board of Education encourages you to get a second master’s degree. This will qualify you for your second Salary Differential!

The Instructional Technology, Certification Track

A master’s degree in Instructional Technology can lead to certification as an Educational Technology Specialist. Career options for an Educational Technology Specialist include: Computer Lab Teacher / Technology Teacher, Computer Cluster Teacher, Professional Staff Developer, Instructional Technology Coordinator, or Director of Technology. Here are two of the most common careers:

  • Computer Lab Teacher: These teachers work out of a computer lab.
  • Computer Cluster Teacher: These teachers work with a cart of computer laptops and/or tablets enabling them to turn a classroom into a computer lab.

When you complete your teaching career, a masters degree in Instructional Technology can provide additional career opportunities. You will have the skills required by education focused companies to present their products in schools, and train teachers to enhance their classroom instruction using technology.

Technology integration into education is growing every day. All curriculum areas can benefit from the new hardware and software applications available. Irrespective of the subject area you wish to teach, having the knowledge of technology will help you and your students succeed. This will provide you with a competitive advantage in your teaching career.

Touro Graduate School of Technology

Whether you're obtaining your first or second master's degree the education process can work with your current lifestyle. Touro GST offers night and weekend classes and a competitive tuition because we all know that a good education should not break the bank.

There you have it! If you're looking to have a long and prosperous career in teaching then consider earning your Professional Certification with a master's degree in Instructional Technology.

If you’re looking to enter the Instructional/Educational Technology field, check out Touro Graduate School of Technology NYC. Touro GST designs a specialized course giving you an edge over other job-seekers with only a bachelor's degree. A New York school of technology, Touro GST extends night and weekend classes and a competitive tuition. Check out an Open House and your application fee will be waived!


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