So, You Want to be an App Developer?

Posted by Brittany DiMarco on Nov 18, 2018 2:00:00 PM
Brittany DiMarco

It’s a booming industry. Everyone seems to know at least one person who’s involved in some aspect of app development. With everyone relying heavily on phone apps, it’s no wonder app developers are in such high demand. So you may be thinking, how can I get in on this? How do I become an app developer? Luckily, there are a few basic steps you can take that can lead you on the right path. After all, you just might be sitting on the next big app idea!

Step 1 – Build Your Skill Base

Before going into app development as a career, it’s important to gain the essential knowledge and experience that can develop your programming skills. This could entail a degree in a computer-related major, or even coding training seminars and bootcamps. You’ll need a full understanding of the software development lifecycle, as well as the knowledge of how to support and maintain it. As a minimum requirement, you should be proficient in at least two programming languages, such as JavaScript or C++. Face it, you can’t write the code for the next big app if you don’t know how to code.

Step 2 – Become Proficient in a Platform

Before you can start building apps, you’ll need to understand that app development is a whole different ballgame than computer software development. Apps are used on mobile phones rather than computers and these devices have different capabilities than computers. For instance, things like memory, storage, and bandwidth are severely limited in app development compared with software development.

You’ll also need to find the app development platform that works best for the needs of your app. To do this, you will have to know what kind of app you’re looking to build and whether you’d prefer working on iOS or Android. Of course, it’s also a good idea to choose an app development platform that you enjoy working in and that won’t frustrate you. Many app development platforms make resources available for beginner app developers to learn the ropes. There are also plenty of development training programs and bootcamps you can attend to gain essential skills and experience.

Step 3 – Be on the Lookout for Opportunities

Once you are squared away on the basics, you’re ready to start networking and ferreting out job opportunities. Knowing what other app developers have to say about working with different platforms can be useful. Spend time perusing job board sites like Glassdoor. In the tech industry, online job postings are one of the best ways to find opportunities.

Touro GST App Developement

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