Save Money with Technology

How To Save Money Using Technology

Posted by Brittany DiMarco on Apr 17, 2017 11:36:00 AM
Brittany DiMarco

Technology, quite ironically, can be both an expensive and cost effective interest. A recent article states that consumers spent an of average $2,300 on technology in 2016! It’s common for people to “forget” what iPhones and Androids cost today with all the financing options available. Hearing “your phone will only cost you $21/ month” doesn't quite hit you in the way $800 does. With the rising costs of gadgets, we wanted to highlight the ways you can save money using technology.

Check out the top 5 ways your tech gear can save you money:

1: Home Automation

Lights, thermostat, electronics, OH MY! Did you know you can have a home control system that lets you operate electronics and lights while you're away? You’ll want to look into some of these devices for your home. The smart thermostat, for instance, gives you the ability to manage your thermostat while away and to adjust your heat/AC settings, thereby saving you money on your bills since you don't have to wait to get home to turn off the heat you accidentally left on.

Home Automation

2: Converting to Online/ Paperless

“Promo code is only valid on online purchases only” -most promotions ever.

Businesses are driving consumers online nowadays, saving themselves money on a brick and mortar locations, employees, and other expenses. It also saves your time, eliminating the need to drive out to a store and wait on long lines to pay. Last year's Black Friday online sales averaged more than 9.4 million shoppers. In addition, consider changing your bills to paperless. Some companies offer rewards for that as well. Whether you're buying a new TV, groceries, or paying your electric bill, always be sure to check if there are any online savings being offered.

Go Paperless

3: Landline to Mobile

If you were born before Y2K your parents may still have a landline in their house. The rise of mobile devices has virtually eliminated the need for landlines. Technology has made it possible to have something for everyone's communication needs. Between Skype, mobile phones, texting and social platforms, people can save themselves money by eliminating their use of landlines.


4: Cable and NOT Chill

Piggybacking off of landline elimination is the emergence of streaming options from many of your devices. From smart TVs to Amazon Fire, Netflix, Sling and more, you can now watch your favorite movies, tv shows, and cable shows at a lower and more customized price. You'll pay less than when you are forced into a "triple bundle," where adding a landline actually saves you more money than having cable and wifi alone.


5: Apps, Apps, Apps!

Take advantage of the app store! The Apple App Store grows more than 1,000 new apps per day. That creates endless opportunities to save money! Between reward apps, like Receipt Pal, and expense comparisons apps for groceries or traveling, you’ll be saving money on purchases you were already planning to make. Next time you need goods, be sure to download a free app, like Groupon, and watch the savings add up (which you can also track on an app).


If you are independently paying for your bills, utilities, goods, or services, the tips outlined above will help you save money on everyday expenses! Technology has come a long way, developing more and more every day, offering many perks you can be taking advantage of. Why pay more when you can pay less?

Do you have advice on how technology can save money? Comment below and it could be featured in an upcoming blog!

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