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How to Pursue a Career in Web and Multimedia Design

Posted by Brittany DiMarco on Jul 4, 2018 6:00:00 AM
Brittany DiMarco

If you find yourself searching for a career that is in demand but still allows you to show off your creative side then consider a career in web and multimedia design. Don’t be alarmed if your undergraduate degree didn’t cover this concentration. This career path requires technical knowledge as well as artistic vision and skill that can be learned in graduate school in under two years! Many exciting, growing and well-paid careers can be pursued with this degree: web and multimedia designers work in animation, television and film work, video game design, website design, graphic design, app design, technological development and much more.

Here are a few steps to get you on the path to an exciting career in web and multimedia design:

Step 1: Refine Your Artistic and Computer Skills

Web and multimedia design is one of the more unique career fields that combines both left and right brain comprehension. You can be as creative as they come but if you know nothing about computer software and design programs, you won’t get very far. Designers typically need to develop a proficiency in several different forms of software such as JavaScript, XML, HTML. Luckily, there are many resources out there to help inquiring minds learn coding and other aspects of computer programming such as To obtain more in-depth design skills and concept familiarity, then be sure to study different techniques and perhaps even take some studio art courses during your winter/summer breaks. As with anything, being proficient in design requires practice and discipline.

Step 2: Don’t Slack on Your Education

Most jobs in web and multimedia design require a field-related degree. A master’s degree would help aspiring designers build up their portfolio, develop in many areas of design and network with other professionals and influencers in the field. Having a portfolio is important to your success because it allows you to showcase your abilities to future employers. In addition, colleges will give students an opportunity to specialize in particular areas of web and multimedia design that they are passionate about. Areas of specialization include 3D animation, art direction, print and digital design, interface design and much more. Having fine-tuned skills in different concentrations gives designers an advantage over other job seekers, as their skills will be more specifically tailored to the role that they're applying for.

Step 3: Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Trends

Just like how you wouldn’t want to be a horse and buggy salesman around the time companies started to mass produce automobiles, you wouldn’t want to be outdated with what’s relevant in this rapidly growing industry. Always keep an eye out for the latest advancements or different trends and be sure to adapt accordingly. Web and multimedia design is in an industry that requires one to understand the latest technology which allows the company to give the client or employer a consistent advantage over its competitors (and in the market). You could stay up-to-date by engaging in LinkedIn groups, online blogs, or networking events. Check out this one blog that outline some web design trends this year!

Step 4: Wrapping Up

If you have a passion for art and technology, look no further than multimedia design for a rewarding career. Possible careers in the field include: Branding Specialist, Web Designer, Print and Digital Designer, Multimedia Designer, Art Director, Interface Designer, UX / UI Designer and 3D Animator.

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