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Are You Qualified for a Tech Job? You’d Be Surprised!

Posted by Brittany DiMarco on Dec 2, 2018 12:00:00 PM
Brittany DiMarco

So, you’d like to get into the tech industry, but you’re not quite sure where you fit or whether you have the necessary skills. Not to worry! A common misconception is that the tech industry is made up of one type of person. The truth is tech companies need all sorts of people with different strengths and abilities to flourish.

While you may not be the stereotypical “nerdy computer whiz,” there still may be a career for you in the tech industry. If staring into screens of Binary or HTML coding isn’t quite your speed, you may still find a niche that’s right for you in tech. If one or more of the characteristics below describes you, then you could discover a career in tech.


Even if the technical aspect doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of jobs in tech that require a creative approach! Tech relies heavily on those who can think outside the box, find original solutions and come up with exciting new ideas. As a creative person working in tech, you might want to consider a career in: Brand Specializing, Digital Design, Web Design or Animation.

Touro GST offers classes geared towards a Masters in Web and Multimedia Design.


In today’s technology-reliant, fast-paced world, it may seem like the need for social skills in the workplace is disappearing – when, in fact, those abilities are more important than ever. While nearly every job requires a smartphone and a computer, interpersonal communication will always be a necessity for those who pursue a career in: Customer Service, Sales and Public Relations. Best of all, these jobs exist in the tech industry! If you have a knack for public speaking or consider yourself a people person, you could be a real asset to the tech industry.

Major in Computer Science

Having a background outside of computer science can be beneficial in the tech industry. In fact, if what you’re looking to do doesn’t involve coding or computer engineering, then a different academic track could better prepare you for the job you’re interested in finding. With a diversity of backgrounds comes a diversity of aptitudes – and that’s what companies look for when hiring. 

The bottom line is that even without the traditional tech abilities and traits, you may be surprised at just how qualified you are for a career in the tech industry! There is no one way to qualify for a job. It takes all kinds of people with a variety of talents to make a booming and growing industry!

Want to expand your capabilities? 

At Touro College Graduate School of Technology, we offer night and weekend classes along with competitive tuition. After all, getting a good education should not break the bank.

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